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A woman is helped away from the scene of a fatal shooting that also injured two other people with non-critical injuries in the 4500 block of Misty Moor in the Hickory Hill neighborhood of Memphis. In 2015 Memphis experienced 161 homicides, 228 in 2016.
Eric Henderson II, Eric Henderson, Valerie Henderson and Candice Henderson stand together over Calvin Wilhite's casket during a burial ceremony for the 26-year-old son, father, brother and Army veteran. "I just have no understanding, there's no reason my son was killed," Valerie said. Since the burial she hasn't been able to get out to his gravesite. "I just couldn't, I've tried twice," she said.
Friends and family of Myneishia Johnson begin to gather for a candlelight vigil near Myneishia's mom's home. Myneishia Johnson, 18, was shot and killed in Downtown Memphis. Myneishia's one-year-old son, Kylan Johnson, walked with his grandmother across the stage at Booker T. Washington's graduation to pick up his mother's diploma. "She was looking forward to graduation. Now I'm going to bury her in her cap and gown," Myneishia's mother, Terri Johnson, said.
Larry Chatman, a longtime friend of Aaron Crutcher, holds onto Stynia Harris, 3, during a candlelight vigil for Aaron "Pug" Crutcher. Crutcher was killed after two men walked up to him and forced him to the ground on Tutwiler Avenue in Memphis before robbing and killing the 29-year-old. Rain fell while umbrellas protected candles as family and friends celebrated Crutcher's life on the quiet Memphis street.
Attendees at the annual anti-violence Tate Street block party in South Memphis watch as a Memphis Police officer drives by. 2016 was the 18th year that long time resident Betty Isom put on the block party. "The mayor said to keep going and I told him I wasn't going to ever stop."
Jaismonique Hollins, left, along with her children look out their apartment window as Frank Gottie, not pictured, begins to speak through a bullhorn about stopping gun violence. Around 3:40 a.m. Saturday, police responded to a shooting at the apartment complex in the 4700 block of Haven Court. Officers found Joe Fifer, 22, and Tamara Davis, 26, shot to death in the Tulane Apartments.
Tears stream down Jessica Jones' cheeks as she's transported to an ambulance outside of her home in the Ridgecrest Apartments. At 29 weeks pregnant Jones', her boyfriend and three children were inside of her apartment watching television when a bullet came through the front window of the apartment, pierced the television, bounced off a wall and came to rest on the floor. Jones was covered with glass during the incident. More than 15 bullet casings were found at the scene.
A local television news reporter stands outside of crime scene tape where Terry Figgs, age 25, was shot and killed on May 11, 2016 in the 1800 block of Farrington Street.
Stanley Stanback, his girlfriend, Alicia Powell and mother, Loistine Stanback, sit together in Stanback's sisters home while watching TV and eating ice-cream. Stanback, a 51-year-old auto mechanic, was robbed and shot five times by teenagers who ambushed him outside of his mother's home in Frayser. "He's pointing the gun in my face. So I grabbed at it. Right when I grab it another one shoots me. I fall," Stanback said. "My mom comes out. I'm like, 'Mom, go back in the house! Go back in the house!' And I just said, 'Lord don't let them kill me.'" "People say, 'you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time,' but I was at home. How can that be wrong,” Stanback said who lost his 24-year-old son, Marcel Poscoe, to gun violence in 2014.
Beauty Givand, 5, stands in her mother's truck while watching police and paramedics work the scene of a shooting that had just taken place in the Ridgecrest Apartments. "My daughter called and said someone got shot," Kataya Givand, Beauty's mother, right, said. "I didn't know if my kids were shot or not." Over fifteen bullet casings were found just feet from her where her children were staying.
Marcus Holmes speaks with Sergeant Felipe Boyce while Boyce was patrolling the Smokey City neighborhood in Memphis. "We've had homicides and shootings but it isn't like it is now. It's constantly going on," Holmes said who had known Boyce for years. "The kids don't have anything to do now because Memphis has destroyed the things for the kids to do," Holmes continued while talking about the changes in the city over the years.
People watch as a young man is taken by paramedics from a home on Knob Drive in Memphis after being shot near the North Frayser Community Center.
Myneishia Johnson's casket is moved towards her grave as friends and family watch at New Park Cemetery in South Memphis. Hundreds attended the 18-year-old mother's funeral and burial. "She was looking forward to graduation. Now I'm going to bury her in her cap and gown," Myneishia's mother, Terri Johnson, said. Johnson was killed just days away from her high school graduation.
Myneishia Johnson's funeral procession must have been nearly a mile long during the slow meandering twenty minute drive to New Park Cemetery. Along the way people held up shirts, waved and just paused, paying respects to the family and friends of Myneishia as they moved towards her final resting place.
Raeven Johnson walks with King Alexander after the burial ceremony for Calvin Wilhite, King's father, at the West Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery. Johnson's only child, Nevaeh Wilhite, 4, is also fathered by Calvin Wilhite. The two dated for about six months before she became pregnant. Shortly after her daughter was born Johnson and Wilhite broke up but remained friends. "Everynight she's up thinking about her daddy," Johnson said about her daughter. "She asked me the other day, 'why's my daddy not coming back.' It's a question I don't know the answer to." Wilhite was the father to three young children when he was shot and killed in downtown Memphis in 2015.
Antionette Rogers, left, and Asia Wilson pose for a portrait in front of a "SHUGNUG" flower arrangement at their good friend's, Myneishia Johnson's, burial site. Hundreds attended the 18-year-old mother's funeral and burial.
Whitney Springfield stands for a portrait with her memorial shirt for Jeffrey Hardin during a candle light vigil in his honor. Hardin, the 27-year-old father of two young girls, was shot and killed in July of 2015. "I had the shirt made because he was someone I cared deeply about," Springfield said who met Hardin in the 10th grade at Overton High School. "I've lost a couple other friends of mine but this was different. It was a surprise that it happened," Springfield said. "He was our homecoming king, that's just the type of person he was. I remember when he was running we already knew he was going to win because he was just that cool."
Trick-or-treaters stop at candles left burning on the street from a recently ended candlelight vigil for Samuel Johnson. Johnson, 21, was shot and killed on October 31, 2014 less than a block away from his parents home where he lived.
Whitney Wallace kisses Courtnei Anthony, 8-months-old, as her nephew, Yayshun Marshall, 7, holds a picture of Joshua "Shawn Don" Edgeston and Yaylon Wallace, 9, waves a picture of his uncle, Victor "Crown Vic" Wallace during a Crowing Our Youth Inc candlelight for all those impacted by violence in Memphis. Wallace lost her brother, Victor Wallace, to gun violence in 2013. "Crown Vic was his nickname. He used to call me his crown holder," Whitney said who has a tattoo of a crown on the left side of her chest in remembrance of her brother. "He was the inspiration for 'Crowning Our Youth Inc,'" she said. Whitney started the group in April of 2016 for kids within Memphis in honor of her brother.
LeRhon Threalkill, left, smiles as his friend, Stanley Stanback, uses a walker to arrive at Threalkill's dual celebration, one celebrating his the opening of his new hair salon, the other his 27th birthday. It was the first time Threalkill saw Stanback walk since being shot 5 times in May. Threalkill himself survived being shot seven times during a robbery at his home in 2015. Paralyzed below the waist by the shooting Threalkill is now opening a new hair salon after having to close his business after being shot. I thought I was going to die. I couldn't move. I felt like this was it," Threalkill said. "But something told me, 'No, LaRhon. There's more fight in you. You can't just allow yourself to die and end your life like this.'" During Threalkill's initial three week stay in the hospital, 39 other gunshot wound patients were admitted.
Hundreds of people marched from City Hall to the National Civil Rights Museum in the afternoon heat demanding an end to violence in Memphis. The peace rally, named White Out Sunday, was organized by as part of the “United Against Violence Think-Tank,” a group of pastors and community leaders working together to find ways to lower violence in Memphis.
Grass grows over a memorial for 15-year-old Amberiya Davis who was shot and killed while hanging out with friends in Foote Homes. A 15-year-old boy was charged with her death.
Amya Wallace, 4, stands at her father's grave while waiting on friends and family to come and celebrate what would have been Victor Wallace's 28th birthday. Wallace was shot and killed on December 30, 2013 outside of a club where he was celebrating his 25th birthday. "Happy birthday daddy, I love you daddy," Amya said while pressing balloons onto her father's gravestone. Amya was just one-year-old when she lost her father.
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