on hold / keeping close

It was really nice to have some time between completing the internship at The Virginian-Pilot and moving to Concord, New Hampshire. A little hectic and a whole lot of driving, but well worth the time and miles to visit family back home (Illinois) and spend time in Ohio / West Virginia.


After knowing Travis for over two years with the usual breaks in the summertime it was tough to say, see you soon, in a more lasting sense. I know I’ll be back in West Virginia in the near future but the distance and uncertainty surrounding when it will be possible makes this move feel much different than leaving for a summer and knowing I’ll be able to visit in a short three months.


My last visit was back in November. Focusing more on enjoying the time and saying goodbye, I didn’t photograph much but it’s tough not to take any pictures during a two day stay. Here are just a few from my time with Travis and his newly formed family.



For now, things are on hold, I’m working on designing / writing (more) / editing the Adrift book and giving my hand at freelancing. Keeping close through phone calls and updates from West Virginia. I’m really excited for my time here and opportunities that may come. But, I’m always looking forward to the next time I can head to West Virginia for a few days to catch up with Travis and his family for longer than phone calls every so often.